Causes of Hyperpigmentation You Should Know

Causes of Hyperpigmentation You Should Know

Having a flawless, flawless face is what we want, but in fact there are only spots, freckles, and even pimples on the face.

Now regarding spots, freckles, or anything related to pigmentation/skin color problems, this is the main concern that we will discuss in this article.

Hyperpigmentation is a term that indicates an excess of dye in the skin layer. Well, this condition is basically experienced by everyone, but the levels are certainly different. So do you know why hyperpigmentation occurs? If you don't know yet, try checking some of the causes below!

• Pimple

Hyperpigmentation generally occurs after the appearance of acne. Well after the pimple erupts and the skin begins to repair itself, then hyperpigmentation appears. This condition is also known as 'post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation'. So after the acne disappears, it's a good idea to immediately treat the surface of the facial skin so that there is no ongoing hyperpigmentation.

Also to avoid hyperpigmentation, make sure you don't squeeze the pimple, because that can cause hyperpigmentation afterwards. Let the pimples pop and don't forget to use a special acne skincare.

• Excessive Hormones

Another cause of hyperpigmentation is excess hormones. The condition in which the facial skin experiences hyperpigmentation caused by excess hormones is also known as melasma. Well this excess hormone occurs due to several factors, such as illness, psychological problems, pregnancy, taking certain drugs, wrong diet, and others. So to prevent this, make sure you adopt a healthy lifestyle and also stay away from stress.

• Ultra Violet Rays

It is undeniable that excessive sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation on facial skin. Especially for women who are menstruating, the possibility of hyperpigmentation is very large when exposed to ultraviolet light. So make sure for those of you who are menstruating to avoid excessive sun exposure. Also, don't forget to use sunscreen!

• Lack of sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep can cause hyperpigmentation? So for those who like to stay up late (especially if it doesn't mean anything), the potential for experiencing hyperpigmentation is higher than those who sleep on time. The reason why lack of sleep can cause hyperpigmentation is due to lack of blood flow to the facial skin.