Benefits of Alpha Arbutin for Facial Skin

Benefits of Alpha Arbutin for Facial Skin

You may not be too familiar with alpha arbutin, but believe me, you should immediately recognize it more closely.

Many dermatologists recommend this one ingredient because it can be the most effective and safe solution for whitening facial skin.

These are the Benefits of Alpha Arbutin for Facial Skin

In the field of beauty, it seems that there is no ingredient that is able to effectively and safely whiten and nourish facial skin to the maximum level like alpha arbutin. This is an ingredient that contains various compounds that safely treat various hyperpigmentation problems on facial skin. For those of you who are not sure about alpha arbutin, try checking out some of the benefits of alpha arbutin for the following facial skin!

Alpha arbutin is known as a hydroquinone alternative, but in a positive perspective. If hydroquinone is known as an effective ingredient in whitening facial skin but is indicated to be dangerous, now alpha arbutin is able to whiten facial skin but is not indicated to be harmful to facial skin. Alpha arbutin is a natural ingredient that is extracted from various types of berries such as blueberries, cranberries, bearberries, and others.

Various studies say that alpha arbutin can reduce hyperpigmentation on facial skin. In addition, in 2018, a study conducted by Cosmetic Facial Surgery stated that arbutin was able to reduce melanin by up to 39 percent in facial skin. Now for more details about the benefits of alpha arbutin for facial skin, you can check the points below!

• Brighten Dull Skin

If your facial skin is dull, then immediately use skincare that contains alpha arbutin. Alpha arbutin can brighten facial skin so that facial skin looks more radiant and healthy.

• Safe and Very Powerful

To overcome hyperpigmentation and melasma, it takes a compound that is quite powerful, for example, such as hydroquinone. Unfortunately, this hydroquinone has been included in the 'blacklist' category because it is quite dangerous, especially for the long term. So here comes the alpha arbutin! Alpha arbutin can overcome hyperpigmentation and melasma without causing any harmful side effects because it is sourced from natural ingredients.

• Overcoming Hyperpigmentation

Various hyperpigmentation problems such as black spots, red spots caused by sunlight, melasma, to acne scars can be treated with alpha arbutin.