This is the most appropriate use of Alpha Arbutin

This is the most appropriate use of Alpha Arbutin

Alpha arbutin is the best hydroquinone alternative available today. Its function is more or less the same as hydroquinone, namely facial skin whitening, but alpha arbutin is safe to use. Alpha arbutin is also called 'non-phenol' which means it does not cause damage during the process of whitening facial skin.

What is alpha arbutin used for? Here are some of them quoted from Skin Light Corrective Treatments

• Alpha arbutin can win the formation of melanin so that facial skin becomes whiter and brighter.

• Very effective in treating various hyperpigmentation problems such as freckles, spots, rashes caused by the sun, changes in skin color due to age, and others.

• Alpha arbutin can treat severe hyperpigmentation problems, such as melasma.

• Alpha arbutin can also treat facial skin that was damaged during pregnancy.

Now that you know what alpha arbutin is and its benefits, you must also know how to use alpha arbutin properly.

• Take the Test First

Although it is very safe to use, many dermatologists recommend doing a 'patch test' or surface test for alpha arbutin. This is because some people have a history of severe allergic diseases, so they are not suitable for the use of certain ingredients.

The test is very easy, all you have to do is apply a cream containing alpha arbutin on the forehead area. The forehead area is the thickest area of ​​facial skin, so it can be a very effective experimental sample. Do this patch test at night. So if there are no symptoms for 24 hours, then that means you are not allergic to alpha arbutin. You can use it safely without worrying about side effects.

• Determine the area of ​​skin you want to whiten

You can apply a cream or serum containing alpha arbutin to the entire surface of the face. However, this method is not very effective because there are areas that are already white, eventually becoming whiter again so that it becomes a contrast to other areas of facial skin. So, so that your facial skin is evenly white, you should only apply alpha arbutin cream or serum in areas that are really needed (for example, still black or there is hyperpigmentation).

Moreover, for serum, you should apply alpha arbutin in the required area. In addition, it should be noted, you should wash your hands after using alpha arbutin because if you don't, your skin will turn white too.

• Combine With AHA

You need to know, the process of whitening facial skin will be much faster if you combine alpha arbutin with AHA. That's why FarmaWDC offers 3 products in one Simple Glow package, namely AHA Cleanser, Whitening Day Cream, and Night Cream. All three work hand in hand to whiten facial skin in a not too long time, and certainly very safe.

• Use sunscreen

You also need to note, if you use alpha arbutin, your facial skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure. So, therefore, the most appropriate solution is to always use sunscreen when you are outdoors and happen to be using alpha arbutin cream. Don't worry, if you use FarmaWDC Whitening Day Cream, besides getting alpha arbutin, you can also get sunscreen. So it is very safe to use during the day.