Can Stress Cause Acne? Really?

Can Stress Cause Acne? Really?

According to dermatology, there are various things that can cause acne. One of them is due to stress.

Yes, besides being caused by various external factors such as lazy to clean your face or using make-up, acne is also caused by stress.

The term stress is used to describe an anxious or panicked reaction to an experience. Or in other words, psychological and emotional stress. A Stanford University study in 2003 found that college students had acne breakouts during exams, a period in which they reported more stress, compared to periods without testing.

What is the Real Relationship Between Stress and Acne?

Maybe many of us often hear stories about acne that arises when we are stressed. But what exactly is the relationship between stress and acne? Many studies have found that when stressed, our bodies produce androgen hormones. This hormone, which is often called the male hormone, can actually stimulate the sebum glands to produce large amounts of oil.

In addition, when stressed, bad habits can get worse and can cause acne. Bad habits include smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, and eating too much sugar. Consuming a lot of processed sugar can cause an increase in insulin, resulting in increased oil production and worsening acne conditions.

Quoted from Byrdie, a dermatologist named Dr. Michele Green revealed that usually stress acne is more common in adults because they experience stress due to work or household matters. And if it occurs at a young age, usually stress acne is caused because they think about school.

A person can see a psychologist, if they need to reduce their overall high stress level. In addition, continue to apply a healthy lifestyle and diet, and also use the right skincare.