Tips to Overcome Stress So It's Not Easy to Get Spotty!

Tips to Overcome Stress So It's Not Easy to Get Spotty!

There are many things that can cause acne, some of which can be treated with skin care and some that are difficult to control, such as stress.

When stress occurs, a hormone called cortisol is released. This hormone increases the production of sebum and oil on the face to be more. This makes the face so much easier to breakouts.

Do you often experience acne caused by stress? Well if yes, then the first thing you should focus on is how to deal with stress. The good news is, the following will discuss some tips for dealing with stress, so you don't get spotty easily!

• Sleep Enough

You need to know, if you are stressed, then go to sleep and forget all your problems! Sleeping less than 7-8 hours is one of the key factors behind stress. When we are stressed, and we are sleep deprived, it only adds to the stressful situation.

• Meditation

Meditation is another way that therapists recommend dealing with anxiety problems. Not a few who think meditation must be done seriously and special music, but how to do meditation is very easy.

For people who are new to meditation, they can practice it in a quiet place that is free from things that have the potential to be a distraction, such as the ringing of cell phones, the sound of the TV, or the sound of vehicles.

• Worship

Worship gives time for oneself to connect with God. Yes, it provides peace, relieves anxiety, and makes you more grateful. During all these processes, you build positive energy that can get rid of stress and negative thoughts that really spoil your mood.

• Outdoor Activities

Spending time outdoors, even if you don't go far, also has mental health benefits. By being outside, you can engage in physical activities, such as walking or hiking.

• Smile and Laugh More

Smiling can reduce the body's stress response, even when you're not feeling happy. Smiling also helps lower your heart rate when a stressful situation ends. Laughter not only shows that you are enjoying the moment, but also changes systems in the body that can reduce stress in the long run.