Scientific Explanation About Alpha Arbutin, The Most Effective & Safe Face Whitening Ingredients

Scientific Explanation About Alpha Arbutin, The Most Effective & Safe Face Whitening Ingredients

In this article, will focus on discussing the composition of alpha arbutin along with additional information about alpha arbutin.

When people want to have a white and smooth face, they will usually use a whitening cream that contains hydroquinone. Why do people want to use hydroquinone, even though it's clear that hydroquinone is harmful to facial skin?

The answer is simple, people want white in the fastest and cheapest way! Yes, using skincare that contains hydroquinone can indeed make facial skin white, glowing, and smooth in just a few days. But are you not afraid of the very dangerous side effects? It can even damage your face permanently!

If you want to have a white, glowing, and smooth face, then please, don't use hydroquinone anymore. Because of what? Because there is another much safer alternative, but with a similar function, namely alpha arbutin! Alpha arbutin is touted as the best hydroquinone alternative that can whiten, brighten, and smooth facial skin without harmful side effects. Because it is very useful, alpha arbutin can be found in many skincare products, one of which is FarmaWDC products.

Alpha arbutin has the main function of overcoming hyperpigmentation. However, unlike hydroquinone, alpha arbutin is harmless and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Well below FarmaWDC will discuss alpha arbutin more fully. Let's check the info on the composition of alpha arbutin below!

Alpha Arbutin Formulation

Quoted from LotionCrafter, alpha arbutin has a scientific name, namely 4-Hydroxyphenyl D-glucopyranoside. Well this alpha arbutin is a pure material that can dissolve in water which is biosynthetic active. Alpha arbutin is able to inhibit the formation of melanin in the epidermis layer by inhibiting the oxidation of tyrosine and dopa enzymes. Alpha arbutin has very few side effects, in fact many dermatologists attribute alpha arbutin side effects to a person's allergic tendencies. So if someone does not experience allergies after taking alpha arbutin, then alpha arbutin is safe to use.

Still according to LotionCrafter, alpha arbutin is the most effective, fastest, safest, and suitable for all skin types. In addition, alpha arbutin is also not harmful to the liver so it can be used for skincare products, especially those related to skin whitening. Alpha arbutin is also very stable when combined with water from a pH of 3.5 to 6.6.