Simple package Glow Whitening :

Brightens, smoothes, helps reduce spots, disguises dark spots, disguises visible fine lines on the face and protects the face from sun exposure.

Suitable for normal, dry and dull skin, without acne and breakouts. If you have oily skin but no acne and breakouts, it is recommended to use a whitening package with a note accompanied by the use of "Acne Salycil Serum" to prevent acne and control excess oil.The content in "Pore Refresh Toner" can help clean and tighten facial skin pores.

Simple package Glow Whitening content :

Facial Wash AHA Cleanser

Pori Refresh Toner

Whitening Day Cream


Facial Wash AHA Cleanser : NA18201200725

Pori Refresh Toner : NA18201204361

Whitening Day Cream : NA18200100882

* Safe to use pregnant women and nursing mothers.

* Can be used as you like. When to stop? does not cause dependence.

Dear our beloved customers,Items are sent in good condition, if there are complaints or product returns can only be processed if there is an unboxing video of the package received before it is opened until it is opened (video isn’t cut).

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