Getting to Know Free Radicals and Their Dangers for Facial Skin

Getting to Know Free Radicals and Their Dangers for Facial Skin

You may have often heard of 'free radicals', but don't really understand it, especially its relation to facial skin health.

The term 'free radicals' is not only known in the world of cosmetics, but also health as a whole.

These free radicals are one of the triggers of various health problems. But this time, will only discuss free radicals in the context of facial skin health.

What are Free Radicals?

Before we discuss free radicals, it helps you know the basics of chemistry. Now the universe we live in today is made of molecules, where each molecule contains atoms. What you need to know is that this atom is surrounded by electrons. Now in each circle line there are two electrons (e)(e).

If there are two electrons in one electron line, then it means it is safe. But if one electron is missing or replaced by another (unsuitable) entity, then this is called a free radical and is of course very dangerous.

These free radicals can be produced directly by the body or can also come from outside, such as pollution. This pollution is the main reason why these free radicals are spreading more and more. The environment where you live plays a big role, especially for facial skin health. For example, if you live in an industrial area, the potential for exposure to free radicals is huge. Some types of pollution that are sources of free radicals are:

factory smoke


Cigarette smoke

House cleaning tools


Now the relationship with facial skin is that these free radicals can damage facial skin collagen, resulting in various skin problems such as black spots, fine lines, dull skin, and others. So that's the meaning of free radicals and their dangers for facial skin. So that you can be free from free radicals produced by pollution, make sure you always take care of your facial skin with FarmaWDC skincare products.